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Announcement of Company Name Change

Dear Business Partners:It is our great pleasure to inform you that Shanghai Fuxin Industrial Co.,Ltd  is changing the company nameto Shanghai Yirui Biotechnology Co.,ltd.The name change is promoted by the increased capital share and the constantly expanding of business scope.We still supply Syringe filter, Membrane filter, Sample vials, SPE column and other chromatography products by the brand name “Chromfilter”Since now, all the documents and relevant accounts are authorized by Shanghai Yirui Biotechnology Co.,ltdApologize to you if the company name change has caused the inconvenience in your business.We always keep the happy cooperative relationship with you and hope to have your consistently concern and support.                                                                                                                       Shanghai Yirui Biotechnology Co.,ltd


Development trend of China's food safety testing instruments

Food safety testing instrument is the instrument that needs to be used in food safety inspection and testing. At present, in food analysis detection, gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, amino acid automatic analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and scanning spectrum of UV VIS spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometry meter have been widely used. At the same time, because of the introduction of computer technology, the instrument analysis rapid, sensitive, accurate, and other features more obvious, the combination of various techniques and combined with the instrument analysis is used more and more widely, a strong impetus to the development of instrumental analysis for food, the food analysis is in a new era of development.From the perspective of market demand, in recent years, China's food safety testing instruments industry market size has expanded each year. Prospective industry Research Institute released the 2014-2018 food safety in China testing industry development prospects and investment opportunities analysis report "data show that in 2013, China's food safety detection equipment and the demand scale reached 300 billion yuan, in recent years, the growth rate were maintained at more than 30%.Chart 1:2007-2013 China's food safety testing equipment industry demand scaleProspective industry research institute with the future development of China's food safety testing industry, think the future our country food safety testing instruments market development in the following trends:The product will be efficient, portable direction"Food safety law," the implementation of food safety standards put forward higher requirements, test items will include: Food and food related products of pathogenic microorganisms, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, pollution and other substances hazardous to human health limited provisions; varieties of food additives, scope, content, specifically for infants and young children and other specific groups of main and auxiliary food nutrients requirements; food hygiene requirements; and food safety is related to the quality requirements.Project detection means to rely more on food testing equipment. The market demand of the instrument and equipment will be greater and more specific. Instruments and equipment production enterprises will be to customer research and development, and provide professional degree more high, efficient, portable, function integration, the convenience of the customer application products, convenient detection of users to cope with daily food safety detect and respond to emergency food security incidents, for the food safety supervision work to provide basic and rapid technical support.The domestic instrument will gradually replace foreign productsAt present, the strength of the foreign enterprise technology, mature and stable product, brand awareness high, but prices high maintenance cost is not cheap alternative low with models and equipment purchases on the domestic burden of large, is not conducive to the promotion of domestic institutions detection means. With the formation of the domestic low-end detection instrument market and industrialization of a strong break, price advantage of domestic instrument is bound to accelerate the multi-level measuring requirement of the role of the market, improve the overall level of domestic food safety detection means.The asset restructuring of enterprises to speed up mergersWith the acceleration of the foreign-funded enterprises in the localization process, rely on price advantage of some small businesses have a serious threat, only through cross regional, cross sectoral, cross sectoral nature of the reorganization of assets, to build the flagship enterprise to in the competition in an invincible position. China's food safety equipment manufacturers to produce more, but not strong, according to the law of market economy, corporate mergers and acquisitions of assets is an inevitable trend.