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Composition analysis of scale inhibitors


Dispersing agent is the surface active agent can be dispersed particles by liquid phase fully wettability and uniformly dispersed solids in suspension, and the system of separation, aggregation and solid particle settling velocity is reduced to the minimum, in order to maintain the suspension of the maximum dynamic stability.

Due to the molecular chain of polyacrylamide containing carboxyl, with lower surface tension, helps the water of solid wetting, which for fiber and filler in water dispersion is particularly advantageous, when PAM slurry can enable fiber, filler surface formed double structures outer dispersion agent and extreme water has strong affinity, increase the fiber and filler of solid particles is wetted by water. The fiber, filler and other solid particles are far away from the electrostatic repulsion, to achieve good dispersion effect. To travel and improvement of solid or liquid materials with functional additives, and surfactants. In the solid state dye grinding in netting agents are helpful for particle crushing and stop has crushed particle coagulation in order to maintain the netting body firmly; insoluble in water oily liquid at high shear shear stirring can win over a very small liquid beads, stop stirring, interfacial tension soon delamination, and participate in the win over agent after stirring can resolute emulsion formation. Defoaming agent in this a series of personality, the United States is the most developed a new scale win agent. This win agent is the Sheung Shui and wastewater treatment trick most coagulant.

Alum is a mixture of aluminum sulfate and potassium sulfate or ammonium sulfate, commonly used in drinking water pollution, but in industrial water and wastewater treatment application is not much. At the same time, due to the application of dispersant double and multilayer filter, on coagulation call drop. China's production of polyaluminium chloride does not mature, in the main lobby of aluminum ash for a period of time. At present, the price of the aluminum chloride has gradually increased with the increase of the cost of aluminum. In the first few years, the waste water treatment or aluminum sulfate. At present, the global aluminum sulfate production of about 400-500 million tons, which has a disproportionate for all water supply and wastewater treatment. According to statistics, our country if the 50% aluminum sulfate solid products instead of liquid scale win agent, can not need concentration, defoaming agent crystallization processes including, substantial use of waste each year.