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Current position: information on the home page of the information, the principle, application and notice (text) of the solid phase extraction


Solid phase extraction is a physical extraction process including liquid and solid phases. In solid phase extraction, the adsorption capacity of the solid relative separation is greater than that of the solvent. When the sample solution through the adsorbent bed separation concentrate on its surface, the other sample constituents through the adsorbent bed; only through adsorption isolates without adsorbing other sample constituents of adsorption agent, isolates of high purity and concentration can be obtained. Retention and elution in solid phase extraction method is the most common is the solid sorbent loaded in a needle shaped column. The sample solution by adsorption agent bed, in a sample of compounds or by adsorbent or retained in the adsorbent (depending on the adsorbent of solvent on the relative adsorption). "Retention" is a phenomenon that exists in the molecular attraction between the adsorbent and the separation. It is caused when the sample solution is passed through the adsorbent bed. Retention is the function of three factors: separation, solvent and adsorbent. Therefore, the retention behavior of a given separation is changed in the presence of different solvents and adsorbents. "Elution" is a process that retains the separation of the adsorbent on the adsorbent, which is accomplished by the addition of a solvent that is more attractive to the separation. Capacity and selectivity of the adsorbent capacity is in the optimal conditions, the amount of unit adsorbent can retain a strong retention of the total separation of the total. The capacity of different bonding silica gel adsorbent was varied. Selectivity is the ability to distinguish between the adsorbent and the other sample matrix compounds, that is, the retention of the separation of the samples to remove other compounds. A highly selective adsorbent is a adsorbent for the separation of the separation of the sample matrix. Adsorbent selectivity is a function of three parameters: the chemical structure of the separation, the nature of the adsorbent and the composition of the sample matrix. Solid phase extraction of brief process 1. A sample including isolates and disruptors through adsorbent; 2 adsorbent for selective retention of isolates and some interferents and other substances through the adsorbent; 3. With the appropriate solvent elution adsorbent, the previously reserved interferents choose shower wash, isolates were retained in the adsorbent bed. Purification, concentrated isolates from the adsorbent leaching down. Solid phase extraction (principle of solid phase extraction (use pump numerical control technology, each column joints can provide independent relatively constant negative pressure, make all kinds of solution according to the standard analysis of procedural requirements flow through the column, and ensure efficient extraction of the analysis of target substance. The columella conversion to elution rack, positive pressure uniform elution, to avoid cross con***ination. Application of solid phase extraction instrument of solid-phase extraction apparatus can be applied in all kinds of food safety detection, agricultural residue monitoring, medical and health, environmental protection, commodity inspection, tap water and chemical laboratory for the production of. In sample processing, CNC precise control of solution a column flow rate, also has the positive pressure elution and large volume continuous injection and timing functions, to ensure the recovery rate and purity of target analysis of material, reduce the relative deviation, to avoid cross con***ination between samples, may simultaneously carry on the processing of multiple samples, to further improve the work efficiency, operation, maintenance is very simple. The safety of the solid phase extraction apparatus is not correct in use will lead to electric shock or fire accident. In order to prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations, please follow the following guidelines in the installation, maintenance and cleaning of the machine. In order to ensure your safety and extend the service life of the machine, maintain the quality of the use of the machine, please read the following safety precautions. 1. Before using the machine, you must read and understand all of the guidelines. 2, must be properly preserved for future use, possible period of want or need. 3, must strictly comply with the machine and its instructions on the use of a warning. 4, the operation must comply with all instructions. 5, do not control the company did not recommend the pump and accessory device use. Inappropriate use of attached device may happen. 6, power line should be properly set to avoid being trampled and object extrusion. 7, AC power outlet and the extension of the wire can not be too, the load will lead to fire or electric shock accident. 8, do not place any foreign body through the ventilation holes or openings stuffing machine, do not water or other liquid is spilled into the chassis control panel on. 9, in any of the following situations, please immediately from the AC power supply socket and pull the power plug: 1) switch, a power cord or plug is damaged; 2) open the chassis backplane for inspection, maintenance or replacement of the pump CNC; 3) pump CNC rupture, liquid is shed from the enclosure; 4) the machine being rain or damage; 5) if you have to use the instructions, but the machine is still not working properly; 6) the machine falling off or damaged; 7) the machine appear abnormal. 10, before cleaning the machine, please unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet. Please use a slightly damp cloth to clean the machine. Do not use liquid cleaner or spray cleaner when cleaning. The machine can be used to prolong the service life of the clean, cool and dry environment. Please put the machine is positioned in the level of experimental bench or in the fume hood used, do not let the machine close to the heat source, do not let objects cover is the ventilation holes of the panel and the soleplate. All electrical interfaces are required to plug in a power down case. The failure of the solid phase extraction apparatus and the removal of the phenomenon of the project to open the power switch LED is not on the 220V